From the recording Creoles Skies

Drinking With Angels - Johnny Ryan/Scott Sharrard – Everyone has someone they've lost. Figuring out how to express what they meant to you is a universal quest. Drinking With Angels is an encomium to one of Johnny's closest friends who pasted away of cancer in 2018. He was an integral part of countless adventures that fostered the love affair with New Orleans for Johnny. Many of the songs that have been written for Johnny & The Mongrels over the years derived from moments that included Jeremy. “It's one of the most emotionally challenging but rewarding songs to perform”, says Johnny.

- Johnny: “Amazingly, this track was recorded in one take during the week long adventure of creating the album at Dockside Studio. Weeks previous to being in Maurice, LA to do so, Jeff (Bostic) and I ventured to NYC to meet with co-producer and guitarist on the album, Scott Sharrard for a writing session. Drinking With Angels was a song I had conceptualized in my head and when I began to sing it acapella for Scott, the exact guitar drone/melody that was visualized in my head came out of Scott's playing. I literally had to fight back tears every time we worked on this song. I'm so grateful it's going to be heard and hopefully felt by others. And I hope it can help convey how someone felt about someone they've lost as well.

Thankfully also, the amazing Marty Rifkin (Bruce Springsteen) agreed to play steel guitar on the track to complete the wistful and melodic feel I had been hoping for and truly ties the theme of the song together perfectly.”



They say time will wash away the pain
But I can never go there again
Awe no...Awe no...I just go

Thought I heard laughter yesterday
just like I did around the way
But it's just a moanin' train..Passing on

(3)Just the midnight train (1) Midnight train...
Passing on.

The only thing that makes me smile
Is you’re drinking with angels now
Only thing that makes me smile
is ya drinking with angels now.

Y'had so many dreams on the rise
And I know one day..clear in your eyes
They'd have come true..greater than you ever know

Broke my heart when I heard the news
Lord don't understand how you can choose..
You Can Choose...No No!

Never know why...never know why
You had to go!!!

T'Only thing that makes me smile
Is Y'Drinking with angels now
Only thing that makes me smile
Ya drinking with angels

Sure don't know how I'm gonna do
All of the things we used to do..
Awe, It won't be the the same
With-out your Love!

Just so many memories in my head
When I close my eyes...And I see you there
Brings me peace, to know you're there
Brings me peace...Brings me Peace
To know you're here!!

T'Only thing that makes me smile
Is Y'Drinking with angels now
Only thing that makes me smile
Ya drinking with angels