1. True Life

From the recording Creoles Skies

True Life - Johnny Ryan/Scott Sharrard– Being self-aware, or at least working on the concept has been a lifetime quest for Johnny. The song True Life is a testament to learning to trust oneself and move through moments when you feel unsure or challenged. Once you do so, you often wonder why you hesitated in the first place. Getting the opportunity to share the vocal work on this track with the incomparable Roddie Romero was also a great joy.

- Johnny remembers, “True Life was originally slated to be a slow Stevie Wonder style funk-shuffle but while in NYC during a writing session with Scott Sharrard, the song took on more of a slinky blues groove that eventually drummer Eddie Christmas brought to life incredibly well in the studio. Then to top it off, after the Lafayette, LA legend Roddie Romero had finished laying squeeze box tracks on the song Music Man for the album, we asked him if he'd be down to duet True Life with me. We spent about 30 minutes rehearsing the song in the control room and then went in and recorded the song in the same two vocal booths Bill McKay and I had used for the song Just Keep Walking. So being able to see each other through the window was fun and pretty helpful to make sure we were on the same page and could also decide who was gonna riff when and all...so fun!”


I Used to be afraid
Of letting anyone near
If you bring me tears tomorrow baby
Then you better stay clear

Every flaw you have is perfect, every scar tells a story
Got the best intentions, now it's time to set your mind free

So you gotta, open up the door,
to your true life
Yes you gotta, open up the door, and
find your true life

You’ll never really know, until you have the will to try
And if you don't learn all your lessons
Then your dreams can float on by

So you gotta, open up the door, open up
Open up the door to your true life
Lord ya gotta, open up the door, open up
Open up the door to your true life

So easy to take what you’re given
But so hard to get what you want
So easy to take what you’re given
And it’s all up to you to open the door to your heart

Gotta open up the door,
To your true life!