From the recording Creoles Skies

Saturday Night In Oak Grove Louisiana (Cover) – Tony Joe White - This song became part of the album through a love and admiration for the great Tony Joe White. Everyone in the band really digs Tony Joe but no one more than Scott Sharrard (Co-producer and guitarist on the album), who's actually spent some time with him. Scott was on a morning jog before the second day of recording when “Saturday Night” popped up on his playlist. Breakfast was had with the song playing on his phone for everyone and by lunch, the song was finished and ready for slide guitar solos and mixing.


You get home just about sundown
And jump into the shower
And now you started to run round
And you know you’ve only got an hour
To combine your hair
And put your good clothes on
Everything is got to be right
cause it's Saturday Night

You call your best friend on the telephone
To drop by and pick you up
And just about seven you hear him coming
With his Fiberglass mufflers on his Pick-Up-Truck

Cause when you look good
Baby you feel good
Everything is got to be right
Cause it's Saturday Night

You go to town and circle the maple leaf
To see who is hangin' out
With your elbow stuck out the window,
You don't care if it all hangs out

Cause when you feel good
Mama you look good
Cause everything is got to be right
Cause it's Saturday Night