1. Hard Way

From the recording Creoles Skies

Hard Way – Jeff Bostic - A song written and vocalized by Mongrels' Bassist Jeff Bostic that he wrote many years ago about a life-threatening accident that he was involved in. Making decisions to change how you've been living your life due to tragedy striking is a tumultuous and sobering path to go down. The song brings the listener in on that journey and may even be a parable for others to take in.


I've been a damn fool
Living on lust
Drowning my heartache
Leaving love in the dust

Finally hit bottom
Trying to get to the top
Once I got started
I just couldn't stop

Looked the reaper in the eye
One too many times
Got away clean
Enough to buried alive

So now I pray
For a fool's kind of mercy
Hope that some kind of time
Can wash it all away

Lord knows I ain't perfect
I've made my mistakes
I'm learning the hard way
Guess that's what it takes

Blindsided by reason
Wake up with pain
Tired of hurting
Done playing games

I've danced with the devil
One too many times
I layed in his ways
enough to be burning alive

Lift your head boy
put down the knife
It's time to stop running
Before you die

You better pray
For a fool's kind of mercy
Hope that some kind of time
Will wash it all away

You better pray
You better pray
It washes all away